Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Maggie Andrews is Career Services Intern of the Month

By Jessica Reagan

Maggie Andrews is a sophomore majoring in creative writing, public relations & strategic communication with a minor in Spanish. This past summer she interned with Jones’ Potato Chip Company as their communications and marketing intern. During her internship, Maggie established communication channels between the Jones' Potato Chip Company and Ashland University which ultimately led to product availability in the Eagles' Nest dining facility and sport concessions. In addition, Maggie worked with vendors for Jones’ throughout the state of Ohio as well as multiple local businesses and stores. She was able to utilize her strong social media skills to develop a social media guide for their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Maggie composed a portfolio of communication strategies, as well as job descriptions for the company, which the company plans to use for future interns and full- time professionals. While this list is not exhaustive of all the amazing things Maggie created and completed for Jones’ it is clear that her work was incredibly valued and appreciated!

One of Maggie’s highlights was writing an article for the Manufacturing Coalition Newsletter about the Jones' Company. According to Maggie, “This internship helped prepare me for my future career by giving me an inside look into the business side of communications and marketing. It was a hands-on experience and the company really gave me freedom to explore different aspects of the position. I'm a creative writing major, as well as a PR major, so it was nice when the company made sure to give me writing projects on top of communication/marketing projects. I was able to gain experience for both of my majors during the internship. I will be able to take this experience with me to my future career”.

Here is some wise advice from Maggie about her experience, “Always challenge yourself in your classes. I received my internship opportunity through the success of a class project. . . Everything I learned from my internship, I will carry with me in all my future career endeavors.”