Monday, August 25, 2014

Alumni Spotlight: Brittany Potter

By Brittany Potter, class of 2010, English major

An English degree at Ashland prepared me better for my job than any other degree I could have pursued. I work with copywriters, proofread their work and offer strategy as needed, and it's at this time that I am grateful to have spent hours in writing and literature classes, since there is no room for grammar or structural errors in an agency setting. On the other hand, I flex my analytical skills on a daily basis while dissecting websites and performing research. I can credit a lot to Ashland and the hours I spent studying and breaking down everything from classic novels to international literature to film. 

Creativity is not only encouraged at Rosetta, but expected - we're constantly looking for ways to make a difference in people's live with at the same time delivering business impact. I can wholeheartedly say that the professors and English department at Ashland offered me the creativity and skills I needed to dive into a career that I had no idea I would end up in, let alone fall in love with.

Shortly after graduation, I was lucky to land an internship with Ketchum, a PR agency in Washington, DC. I lived there for about four months and enjoyed every second of it - I got involved in their digital sector, which was the transition into my full-time career. I worked for a little while at a small digital marketing agency, and most recently grew into a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist role at Rosetta, an interactive marketing & customer engagement agency in downtown Cleveland.

I now work on a handful of nationally recognized clients. Without getting too technical, I'll say I work on my clients' websites to help achieve a few different goals: 
  • Work with their marketing teams to develop effective content strategies and content marketing campaigns (aligning with several other facets of online marketing as we develop them)
  • Help build websites in a way where they can be easily found across the web and in search engines (since most people online are spending their time on them)
  • Promote and share content across the web
Finally, I can say literature courses, and especially ones like the South African course that Professor Lehman  taught, were invaluable because it opened me up to the most important experience of all outside of work: the human experience. The values, philosophies, and musings that came out of the readings in many courses are those that cannot be absorbed in a science class (though science courses are insightful in their own right).