Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Students and Faculty Enjoy the Humanities Hobnob

By Dr. Linda Joyce Brown, Associate Professor of English

Senior Meg Collier Presents a Birthday Cupcake to Dr. Hilary Donatini, the Chair of the Department of English and Advisor to Sigma Tau Delta
Each semester, students in AU’s chapter of the national English honors society, Sigma Tau Delta, invite students and faculty across disciplines to get together to play games and enjoy pizza and sweets at the Humanities Hobnob. At the most recent event on Wednesday, March 19, hobnobbers formed teams to play a friendly and hilarious game of Taboo.

The event was held in the lobby of the Center for the Humanities in Bixler, and the room was full of laughter and camaraderie. English and Spanish double-major Alaina Berry, who helped to organize the evening, says that the Hobnob “provides a great opportunity for Humanities students and faculty to come together in a relaxed setting where we can play games that really highlight our appreciation for words, writing, and language. It’s fun to be silly with other students and see professors outside of their classroom settings!”

English professor Dr. Russell Weaver agrees, noting that “the Hobnobs are an exciting opportunity for students and teachers to experience one another outside the classroom.” He adds that “When students can see their teachers as comrades in games or non-academic conversations, it opens up avenues of connection that enrich their relationships. If your teacher can’t give a sensible clue in Taboo, it puts them in a whole new light.”

The Humanities Hobnob was enjoyed by those in attendance, and students and faculty alike look forward to the next event that allows us to get together outside the classroom.