Monday, September 2, 2013

Alumni Spotlight: Scott Hazen

By Scott Hazen, Class of 1993, Creative Writing major
Scott Hazen enjoying the Firestone Golf Championship in Akron
Since graduating I have worked in Supply Chain for Sprint, Medcentral, Summa Health in Akron and OhioHealth in Columbus.  My specialty has been Enterprise Resource Planning systems and integrating processes and third part systems. ERP systems are large multi-functional software applications used in business to integrate processes, such as Human Resources, Supply Chain, Finance, Accounting, Inventory, Payables, etc.  These business applications would normally operate independently with interfaces trading data from application to application.  ERP systems put all those processes together and reduce or eliminate interfacing.

Third party systems are called bolt on systems for ERP, mainly for functions not fully developed in the ERP system.  I work primarily with PeopleSoft, an Oracle product, and while it is a good system, there's not a robust application for things like receiving, transportation, or inventory usage.  So third party systems are brought in to enhance that functionality.  My role is to coordinate all the technical and functional resources to make those third party systems work for Supply Chain.

In 2004 I was appointed to Mansfield City Council and won two elections, in 2005 and 2009.  The tools and experience I gained through Ashland have been invaluable in my professional and community service.  The ability to clearly communicate my positions, speak publicly, and clearly articulate business requirements have given me an edge with my goals and  ability to complete intricate projects.   In 2008 I completed my M.A. In Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga.  

So many of my professors at Ashland made a great impact on my life and future that looking back it is amazing to me how prescient and forward thinking they were.  I spent so much time in Dr. Stein's class, I think I read more than I wrote.  I got a kick out of his dry sense of humor and his quirky viewpoints.  He was really a nice guy and turned me on to a lot of authors I read to this day. Dr. McGovern was also a tremendous influence.  He was a gifted teacher, and could easily engage his classes in conversation.  Looking back we thought we spent more time chatting than working, but it was by design.  When the class was over we dissected the subject matter and dove headlong into the thought processes of the writer.  He was both challenging and inspiring.

I remember my classmates and the cameraderie we had together, along with the conversations, banter, and the excitement of new classes, new books, and new challenges every semester.  We had a fun group—we worked hard, but we also enjoyed our time at Ashland.

I hope that current students will be shaped by the department in the same way it has influenced me.  The lifetime love I have for literature has served me well, and has translated nicely into critical thinking and research skills in a professional environment.