Tuesday, July 30, 2013

AU's Writing Studio: The Hub of Academic Writing on Campus

By Susan Guiher, Director

What is the Writing Studio?
Ashland University established a Writing Center, now called Writing Studio, 25 years ago.  It was created for students to have a place to write papers on word processors and to get writing advice at the same time.  Throughout the years, the Writing Studio has become the hub of academic writing, and we continue to welcome all student writers to the RIGHT place to WRITE, 104 Bixler, where students are advised on writing assignments by Writing Assistants (WAs) who have written papers for courses across the curriculum (see WA expertise).  The Writing Studio averages 1,000 appointments per semester, so there must be some good reason students come to 104 Bixler!  

Who are the Writing Assistants?
Writing Assistants (WAs) are sophomore, junior, and senior students who are skilled writers and represent a variety of majors/minors and core courses; they are hired upon recommendation from professors; WAs work in the Writing Studio as writing advisors for courses they have completed; WAs share strategies on how to read and synthesize a text, take notes, outline, gather information, cite sources, and craft papers.  Best of all, WAs are voices of experience, able and willing to guide all writers through the process of developing college papers.  WAs also are lab assistants for English 110, a one-hour credit taken concurrently with English I & II.   (English 110 is in the University catalog and can be added as an elective via Web Advisor; contact the Director to learn more about the Writing Lab.)

How to Make an Appointment:
Appointments are scheduled in the Writing Studio in 104 Bixler, Center for the Humanities (across from the student center).  As soon as a writing assignment is given, the student should go to the Studio to make an appointment with a WA who has taken that course and accomplished its writing assignment(s).  The voice-of-experience WA knows what the professor expects and can coach the process of writing.   Each WA posts a list of courses and professors so a student can easily match her or his assignment with the appropriate WA.  Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance; the Studio’s door is open 8-9 M-Th; 8-4 F. 

Writing Studio Intent:
Our purpose is not to improve grades, but to assist student writers in their efforts to improve and to polish writing skills.  We want accomplished writers as well as less confident writers to make appointments in the Writing Studio; because WAs are top-notch writers who enjoy sharing their expertise with other writers, WAs will challenge the best writers to be even better.